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Dear World
  • Dear World

    “Dear World”

    Hand painted by Rebekka Bakken

    Each fish is unique and one of a kind

    Size: 30 cm x 40 cm

    Paper: white

    Silk paint on silk on paper

    • Dear World

      I pray that you have mercy on this little crawler. I am a small one you see, and can not always decipher and read all things and their meanings.  I have swum here and now look around in confusion. There is much to see. There is much to hear too. Yet I know almost nothing. I pray kindly: - please be kind to this little crawler. He truly doing his best, but the deck of cards he was dealt was so vast varied, so confusing, and filled with errors. Can't you lend him a helping hand, whisper some gentle words in his ear, and guide him? Or perhaps, grant him a new deck of cards, one that is easier to play out in life's great and bewildering solitaire. 

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