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About my art

Whenever I’m not working on my music I paint fish - not literally but my own rendering of fish in any shape and color painted on fine or rough silk.  When things quiet down and my schedule opens up - no rehearsals, no concerts, no tours, and no songwriting - I bring out my paint, silk and brushes to paint fish.  The process helps me calm down and stay focused and I never get tired of doing it.   Every fish is different and every one has its own expression.  Most of all I love every one of them as much as I love creating them.


For 20 years I’ve been doing this.  In the early years I gave the fish away to friends as birthday gifts but I’ve saturated that market by now; every time I visit my friends I see my fish on their walls.  I love seeing them and realize I keep painting fish not only to give away but because I thoroughly enjoy the process of creating them - the process, the smell, the colors, and I never get tired of it.  I love every fish I’ve painted but over the years the stock pile of much loved fish has increased and it’s time to decide what to do with them all.


Which is why I’ve decided to offer them to you - do you want one?   Pick your favorite fish and put it onto your wall. I would love that!


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